•Named after the Dak Lak province situated in Central Highlands, which is famous for its lakes and waterfalls, Dak Spa aspires to bring rejuvenation and relaxation to wellness seekers in Ho Chi Minh City.

• Simple lifestyle of the people from Dak Lak who have embraced the philosophy of living in harmony with nature is an inspiration for fast paced city dwellers to take time to slow down and appreciate life.

• Team members will be friendly and socially smart in their interactions
• Our staff will leave you feeling like you're made a friend in Vietnam.

• Guests are welcomed by warm and friendly hosts, as they enter the spa
• The friendliness continues throughout the treatment process.
• With its simple contemporary design integrating key elements and touch points from the region, we intend to showcase Dak Lak to the international traveler.
• Sincere and attentive hosts assist guest to select the right services for their needs.
• Our professional staff works hard to create a customized experience for each guest.
•  By maintaining quality and delivering results we will be creating lasting memories. 
• You will remember your relaxing experience at Dak Spa long after leaving Saigon.